Minutes of Meeting for small & mid-size Companies

This Annual Package includes upto 7 meetings held during the year in the Company. 

Minutes of Meeting for big-size Companies

This Annual Package includes upto 15 meetings held during the year in the Company.

Meeting Minutes are an account of an official Meeting. Minutes are very technical and factual account of what took place at the Meeting. Minutes are the instant records of a Meeting and also known as protocols; they often give an overview of the structure of the Meeting and typically describe the events of the Meeting.

The format for Meeting Minutes can vary from organization to organization, but are usually very straight forward. It starts by listing the body Meeting, gives the date and time of the Meeting, members present, and offer short review of each agenda item and a record of the vote, if any was taken, for each item. The Meeting Minutes also will note the time of adjournment and usually list the date and time of the next Meeting.

Minutes are required in order to:


  1. Confirm any decision made
  2. Records any agreed action to be taken
  3. Record who has been allocated any tasks or responsibilities
  4. Prompt action from any relevant attendees
  5. Provide details of the Meeting to anyone unable to attend
  6. Serve as a record of the Meeting’s procedure and outcome
  7. Minutes provide legal protection

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Our Experts understand your need and require minimum documentation. You just need to provide copies of resolutions passed during the year and let us handle your drafting


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